भाकृअनुप - भारतीय मक्का अनुसंधान संस्थान

ICAR - Indian Institute of Maize Research

(ISO 9001:2015 certified)

Nurturing Diversity, Resilience, Livelihood & Industrial Inputs

Breeding for development of baby corn hybrids


  • Identification and development of inbreds having baby corn traits under high density planting
  • Development of high yielding farmers friendly baby corn hybrids
  • Quality analysis of baby corn fodder traits and their silage making quality

Project team:
PI- Pardeep Kumar
Co-PI- Sujay Rakshit, Mukesh Choudhary, Yathish K. R., B. S. Jat, Bharat Bhushan, Santosh Kumar, Meenakshi Goyal & Shanti Devi Bamboriya

Major achievements: –

  • Total 99 maize inbreds were classified into B line (maintainer) and R line (Restorer line) through crossing with CMS line. Which help to convert B line into CMS lines.
  • Regarding the conversion of baby corn specific inbred lines into CMS line, there are three crosses at BC2 stage which showed complete sterility.