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Decision Support System of Maize Inbred Germplasm

Title of project: Decision Support System of Maize Inbred Germplasm


  • To develop database of the maize inbred germplasm with pedigree and selected traits
  • To develop a Decision Support System to maize researchers/breeders for improving the quality of decision making for selecting combinations of inbreds.

Project team:
Dr. N. Sunil, Principal Scientist, WNC, ICAR- IIMR;
Dr J C Sekhar, Principal Scientist, WNC, ICAR- IIMR
Dr N Srinivas Rao, Principal Scientist, NAARM, Hyderabad

Major achievements:

  • Fixed maize inbred lines were established in the field since Kharif, 2016 and the data on 14 traits viz. time of anthesis, time of silk emergence, density of spikelets, number of kernel rows, number of kernels per row, grain type, plant height, ear placement height, anthocyanin colouration at base of glume, anthocyanin colouration of anthers, anthocyanin colouration of silks, grain colour, kernel row arrangement and 1000-kernel weight against each inbred lines were documented in a database
  • The images of the tassel and the cobs of each of these inbred lines were also documented
  • A Decision Support System based on the above database was developed using the latest and hosted on the website wnciimr.org.in. This website has been designed using Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) was used for frontend development and My Structured Query Language (MySQL) was used for database as backend.
  • The database is equipped with a general search facility and also trait filters which enable search of the germplasm accessions by either single filter or combination of filters.
  • The database has been programmed to collate the documented traits and also the images of tassel and ear to help the scientists in decision support for crossing programme along with the information on the year and season of evaluation and also information on growing degree days
  • The database now houses information on a total of 421 accessions has been migrated to the official server.
  • The decision support system is hosted on official server at https://krishi.icar.gov.in/wnciimr and will serve as a digital repository and decision support system for maize workers
Fig. 1:The Image Library feature displays the images of the cobs and the tassel of the inbreds along with all the selected traits
Fig. 2: Selection for maize inbred lines based on multiple traits