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ICAR - Indian Institute of Maize Research

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Nurturing Diversity, Resilience, Livelihood & Industrial Inputs

Development of high yielding maize hybrids for different ecologies

Title of project: Development of high yielding maize hybrids for different ecologies
Project funding: Institute


  1. To develop and evaluate productive inbred lines for desirable traits
  2. To develop cross combinations among inbreds using suitable mating designs
  3. To identify superior hybrid(s) for different regions

Project team: PI: Bhupender Kumar; Co-PIs: S.B. Singh, K.S.Hooda, Ramesh Kumar, Chikkappa G.K., Vishal Singh, Yatish & Ravikeshvan R
Duration: 2014-2019

Major achievements:

  • Developed six single cross hybrids in maize (DMRH1301, DMRH1308, DMRH1305, DMRHP1402, IMHB1539 & IMHB1532) which were released and notified through CVRC for cultivation in different parts of the country (Plate 3).
  • Developed and registered one unique inbred lines such as DML339 tolerant to charcoal rot disease in normal genetic background
  • Three more hybrids have been identified for release during April 2019 by VIC
  • Total 87 new inbred lines have been developed and evaluated for various useful traits and submitted at NBPGR and received IC numbers for all.
  • Established the genetics and developed the RILs mapping populations for MLB resistance in tropical maize germplasm and identified sources of resistance/tolerant for MLB, TLB and charcoal rot diseases

Plate 3. Selected hybrids released and notified for cultivation in different ecologies of the country