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Diversification of Sweet Corn Germplasm

Title of the Project : Diversification of Sweet Corn Germplasm
Project Duration : 01.06.2017 to 31.05.2022
Project funding : Institute funded ICAR-Indian Institute of Maize Research, Ludhiana.
Total approved ost of the project : 1,75,00,000=00
Objective : Molecular characterization of su1, se and sh2 genesGenetic diversity analysis of sweet corn germplasmCombining ability and per se performance analysis of promising sweet corn linesDevelopment of single cross sweet corn hybrids
Project team : Principal Investigator: Dr. Chikkappa G. Karjagi Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Chikkappa Gangadhar KarjagiDr. Sujay RakshitDr. Abhijit Kumar DasDr. Pardeep KumarDr. Javaji Chandra SekharMr. Praveen BagariaDr. K. S. Hooda
Majorachievements : To develop new sweet corn germplasm, generation advancement through selfing of commercial hybrids of sweet corn are being advanced. Based on the experimental hybrid trial during kharif 2018, five cross-combinations were identified based on the approximately 10 per cent superiority over the commercial sweet corn hybrid check Mishthi. The name of the cross combinations which were found superior were ISCH 1901, ISCH 1902, ISCH 1903, ISCH 1904 and ISCH 1905.