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ICAR - Indian Institute of Maize Research

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डॉ. पी. लक्ष्मी सौजन्या

Designation: वैज्ञानिक-Sr Scale (पादप कीटविज्ञान)

Qualification: M.Sc. (Ag.) Ph D in Agricultural Entomology, Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh

Address: Scientist SS, ICAR-Indian Institute of Maize Research Rajendranagar Hyderabad 500 030 (INDIA)

Email: pl.soujanaya@icar.gov.in, soujanyak.scientist@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 8008607373

Phone: +91 040 24018457 (O)

Fax: +91 040 24018457

Work experience

  • Scientist SS, Indian Institute of Maize Research, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad (India) from April 21, 2013 to till date.
  • Scientist, Indian Institute of Maize Research, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad (India) from May 11, 2010 to April 20, 2013.

 Area of interest

  • Host Plant Resistance, Plant Insect Interactions, and Botanicals for the management of insect pests of maize.

  Most significant achievements (in last five years)

  • Maize treated with Ageratum conyzoides leaf powder at the rate of 2% w/w stored in High Density and Double layered polythene bags suffered minimum damage by storage pest Sitophilus oryzae L.
  • Application of Tinospora cordifolia water based leaf paste between the layers of double storage bags @ 2.0% w/w reduces the level of infestation and per cent grain weight loss by oryzae.
  • Higher concentrations of cell-wall bound p-CA, ferulic acid and tannin content are the possible biochemical defense mechanisms in maize against Sesamia inferens.

Publications in last five years

Research papers

  1. Lakshmi Soujanya, P, Sekhar, JC, Chikkappa Karjagi, Suby, SB, Sunil N, Yathish KR, Reddy MLK, Jawala Jindal, Rakshit S (2019) Field screening of maize inbred lines for resistance to stem borers Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) and Sesamia inferens Maize Journal 8(1):8-14.
  2. Lakshmi Soujanya P, Sekhar JC, Suby SB, Rakshit S, Susmitha GS, Mallavadhani UV (2018) Biopesticide treated double layered bags: Novel method of application of botanicals for Sitophilus oryzae management in stored maize. MAYDICA, 63(1):6.
  3. Lakshmi Soujanya P, Sekhar,JC, Vidhyadhari,V, Suby, SB,Vinay Mahajan (2018) Repellent and reproductive inhibitory effects of Strychnos nux vomica and Lepidium sativum L. against Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Indian J Entomol , 80(3): 586-589.
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  11. Review/Popular articles
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Book chapters

  1. Suby SB, Lakshmi Soujanya P, Jat SL, Sekhar JC, Rakshit S (2019) Status of fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda (E. Smith) in India and its management. in M A Ansari, S L Jat, S Saha, S Babu, G S Yadav, Anup Das, L K Baishya, R Singh, Ampee Tasung, L Bomit, Suby SB, J C Sekhar, S K Sharma, N Prakash, and S Rakshit (eds.) 2019. Highlighted achievement on fall armyworm under promoting improved technology of maize production in NEH region. 110 Pages, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Meghalaya, India. ISBN NO. 978-93-5391-283-3.
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  6. Technical Bulletins
  7. Rakshit S., Ballal CR, Prasad YG, Sekhar JC, Soujanya PL, Suby SB, Jat SL, Sivakumar G. and Prasad JV. 2019. Fight against Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (JE Smith). ICAR-Indian Institute of Maize Research, Ludhiana, pp. 52.
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 Significant recognition

  • Best Institute Scientist award for the year 2019 on the occasion of 6th Foundation day on 9th February, 2019 at Ludhiana, Punjab.
  • Best Young Scientist award during 6th Biopesticide International Conference held from 6.3.19 to 8.3.19 at AMITY University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh in collaboration with St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai, Tamil Nadu.
  • Received travel grant from Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi to attend 25th International Congress of Entomology at Orlando, Florida, USA.