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ICAR - Indian Institute of Maize Research

(ISO 9001:2015 certified)

Nurturing Diversity, Resilience, Livelihood & Industrial Inputs

ICAR-IIMR, Delhi Unit

Infrastructure at IIMR Unit Office, IARI Campus, Pusa, Delhi
IIMR Unit Office, IARI Campus, Pusa, Delhi has well-equipped plant Biotechnology, Physiology, Agronomy and Entomology laboratories. The Unit Office also has state of the art N L Dhawan Committee room with modern ambience and audio-visual aids. Various facilities present in these labs are as follows:

Biotechnology laboratory is equipped with all basic facilities necessary for plant tissue culture and transformation, and plant molecular biology work such as nucleic acid analysis and gene expression studies. The facilities available are Gene gun (Biolistic® PDS-1000/He), Real-time PCR Machine, Gradient and normal Thermocycler, Gel electrophoresis systems, Centrifuges, Rotary shaker, Autoclave, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Nano-drop, Deep freezes (-80 and -20°C)Laboratory water purification system delivering ultrapure (Type I) and pure (Type III) water, and refrigerators, Ice machine, Laminar hoods, Tissue culture lab and Transgenic glass house.

Instrument facilities in Biotechnology laboratory at IIMR Delhi Unit
Pic. Plant molecular biology lab, tissue culture lab and transgenic glass house at Delhi Unit

Maize Physiology Lab:
The Maize Physiology Laboratory is well equipped with state-of-art facilities (rain-out-shelter, micro-plots, net house, etc.) along with equipments like portable photosynthesis system (LICOR 6400), UV-visible spectrophotometer, refrigerated centrifuge, SPAD chlorophyll meter, root capacitance meter, Dew Point micro-volt meter, green seeker optical sensor, water and soil analysis kit, rotating water bath, precision electronic balance, pH meter, conductivity meter, infrared thermometer, etc.

Pic. Phenotyping tools in Maize Physiology Lab

Agronomy laboratory is equipped with facilities necessary for soil and plant properties studies such as total carbon and total organic carbon, ammoniacal nitrite, Canopy temperature difference, sample grinding for Fe and Zn, crop health/vigour and in-situ root studies. The instruments available are Penetrometer (Rimik), Root Image Analyzer (CI-600 CID Bio-Science), IRGA (Li-Cor), Grinder/Mill (Retsch MM 400), SPAD (Konica Minolta), Green Seeker (Trimble), Infrared Thermometer (Agri-ThermII, EverestI), C/S Analyser (Eltra Helios), Rotary Flask Shaker (Windsons Scientific), Double Distillation (Borosil), Gas Chromatograph (450GC Bruker), FIAstar 5000 Analyser (Foss), Hot air oven, Weighing Balance.

Pic. Instrument facilities in Agronomy laboratory

Entomology laboratory is equipped with facilities pertaining to pest management such as environment controlled insect mass rearing facility; insect bioassay facility with vertical laminar flow, circulatory water bath, BOD incubators and UV sterilization chamber; routine usage equipments such as basic and advanced stereo zoom microscopes and insect handling device; specialized equipments such as berlese funnel assembly for soil arthropod sampling, dynamic volatile sampling.

Pic. Instrument facilities in Entomology laboratory