Genetics and Plant Breeding is the largest research group of the Institute. The major research thrust of the group is genetic enhancement of maize for various maturity groups and end users.


The research activits of Genetics and Plant Breeding group are focussed on the following themes:

  • Germplasm collection, evaluation, maintenance and its enhancement.
  • Development of normal maize single cross hybrids for different maturity group.
  • Development of specialty corn single cross hybrids such as QPM, Baby corn, Sweet corn, Bio-fuel, etc for diverse uses.
  • Development of productive inbred lines as a back up support for high yielding hybrids.
  • Application of molecular tools for isolating & cloning of genes for biotic and a biotic stresses & for gene pyramiding.
  • Identification of seed and pollen parent for easy and economical seed production.
  • Development of seed production technology of single cross hybrids.
  • Multiplication of single cross hybrid parent seed-- nucleus and breeder seed.




Scientists of Genetics and Plant Breeding group participate in academic activities of faculty of Genetics of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute- PG School.


The Genetics and Plant Breeding group has ample facilities for carrying out maize breeding research in form of fields, laboratory and supporting services.


Name Designation Research Interest
Dr Vinay Mahajan Principal Scientist Genetic enhancement for early and extra early maturity inbreds and single cross hybrids
Dr Ramesh Kumar Senior Scientist Development of winter season maize hybrids
Dr Chikkappa G. K. Scientist Low temperature tolerance, babycorn and high oil contnent in maize
Dr Bhupender Kumar Scientist Development of late maturity single cross hybrids
Mr Vishal Singh Scientist Development of late maturing maize and superior white kernel maize hybrids
Mr Yathish K R Scientist In vitro regeneration in tropical maize
Mr Abhijeet Kumar Das Scientist Genetic enhancement for high pro-vitamin A in maize