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Research on Maize Physiology at IIMR started in the year 1997 with the joining of Dr. P.H. Zaidi, Scientist (Plant Physiology). The initial work focused on excess soil moisture stress and cold tolerance. In Dec. 2007, Dr. Zaidi joined CIMMYT as Maize Physiologist and subsequently, with the joining of Dr. Ishwar Singh at DMR in March 2008, focused research work on drought and heat-stress was initiated.


  • Screening of maize germplasm (hybrids and inbred lines) for abiotic stress tolerance
  • Identification of morpho-physiological and molecular traits associated with abiotic stress tolerance
  • Identification of tolerant genotypes for abiotic stresses
  • Utilization of source of tolerance to various abiotic stresses in hybrid breeding program


The Maize Physiology Laboratory is well equipped with ultra modern state-of-art facilities (rain-out-shelter, micro-plots, net house, etc.) along with equipments like portable photosynthesis system (LICOR 6400), UV-visible spectrophotometer, refrigerated centrifuge, SPAD chlorophyll meter, root capacitance meter, Dew Point micro-volt meter, green seeker optical sensor, water and soil analysis kit, rotating water bath, precision electronic balance, pH meter, conductivity meter, infrared thermometer etc.


Ongoing Projects

  • ICAR Network Project (NPTC-3015): Functional genomics of drought tolerance in maize (2007-2013)
  • DMR-07/15: Identification, characterization and utilization of source of tolerance to drought and high temperature stresses in maize (2008-2013)

Completed Projects

  • ICAR-CIMMYT/BMZ Project: Abiotic stress tolerant maze for increasing income and food security in Eastern India and Bangladesh (2008-2011)
  • ICAR-CIMMYT/CSISA Project: High-yielding, heat-tolerant and disease-resistant maize inbred lines and hybrids for current and future cereal and mixed crop-livestock systems (2009-2011)


Research Guide and core faculty at PG School, IARI, New Delhi

PG Courses

  1. PP 504: Hormonal Regulation of Plant Growth and Development
  2. PP505: Physiology of Growth and Yield
  3. PP509: Physiology of Crop Plants-I
  4. PP602: Responses of Plants to Abiotic Stresses
  5. PP691: Advances in Physiological Research

Contact Information:

Dr. Ishwar Singh
Principal Scientist & In-charge
Maize physiology Lab
Indian Institute of Maize Research
Pusa Campus, New Delhi 110012

Phone: 011-2584 9725
Fax: 011-2584 8195
E-mail: isingh[dot]dmr[at]gmail[dot]com