Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Research Objective:

  1. Identifying the sources of resistance against C. partellus & S. inferens.
  2. Development of technology for the commercial production of biological control agents.
  3. Development of IPM strategy & its validation for maize pests.


Salient Achievements:

  • Technology/Process developed
    • IPM for Maize has been developed and validated in five major maize growing states
    • The following technologies are developed and available for commercialization:
      1. Commercial Production of Trichogramma spp
      2. Commercial Production of NPV of Helicoverpa and Spodoptera
      3. An Insect Handling Device
      4. Aerial Insect Trap
      5. Corcyra Egg Sterilization Chamber
      6. The Egg Cleaning Device
      7. Oviposotion Cage for Helicoverpa
      8. Foolproof cage for rearing Corcyra cephalonica
      9. Quantification of Honeydew
  • Patents