Last Updated: Thursday, 05 January 2017

Patents Granted

  1. Pradyumn Kumar, Surender Kumar and S. N. Puri – An efficient device for collecting and immaculate cleaning of insect eggs mixed with loose scales.Indian Patent no. 213744 dated 2008
  2. Pradyumn Kumar, Bhushan Lal Jalali, Surender Kumar and Amerika Singh.- ‘Aerial Insect Trap’ Indian Patent No. 226238 dated 2008
  3. Pradyumn Kumar and JC Sekhar-An Insect Handling Device – Patent


Patent Filed

  1. Pradyumn Kumar, Suby SB, Sekhar, JC and Kumar R. Sai. 2011. ‘A collapsible insect rearing cage’ Patent Application no. 0923/DEL/2011 dt. 31.03. 2011
  2. Suby SB, Pradyumn Kumar, Sekhar JC, Lakshmi Soujanya P. 2015. 'A dynamic system and method for sampling volatiles from multiple specimens'. Patent application no. 1235/DEL/2015.