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Insect Rearing Cage

Name of technology: Insect rearing cage
Patent No.: 311890
Granted on: 29/4/2019
Technology related to: Insect rearing, crop protection, biological control

Brief Description of Technology including Salient Features: The insect rearing cage includes a collapsible tripod support stand and a state of the art fabric bag. The cage gets cylindrical shape when hung on its tripod. The top of the cage is provided with a free metal ring in the folds of flange on the upper periphery of bag to arrest it and a steel plate in side at the bottom of the bag to keep specimen. During summer, the cage is made to sit in an outer steel plate and water is poured, that continuously wet the cotton cloth by capillary wicking, which keeps the interior of the cage cool and humid a situation congenial for rearing of insects. The cage is easily dismantled and stored when not in use. The cloth and the plate can easily be taken out and washed, thus hygienic conditions can be maintained for insect rearing. The size of the cage and the type of the cloth material can be as per requirement. The cage can be half translucent and half cotton cloth, or full translucent, or black or any other colour, with or without sleeve, depending upon the need of the insects it is used for.

Utility: An economic insect rearing cage having a construction which is easy-to-use and low maintenance, helps in handling insects in large number very efficiently there by reducing the operational cost in insectaries in general and bio-control insectaries in particular.

Impact: Adopted in many laboratories and bio-control insectaries across India
Social Impact: Since it’s a zero energy cage in providing humidity and cooling, it contributes to the ecologically sound pest management
Technology Spread: Adopted in laboratories and bio-control insectaries across India
Target users/stakeholders:  Entomology laboratories and bio-control insectaries
Principal Inventor & Contact details: mail id    Dr. Pradyumn Kumar, Ex-PI Entomology, ICAR-IIMR, Ludhiana; pradyumn.kumar@gmail.com
Co-Inventors: Drs. Suby SB, JC Sekhar, R. Sai Kumar, ICAR-IIMR, Ludhiana
Title of the project under which it is developed & Year of development: AR:DMR: 7:14 Management of Maize Insect Pests, Year 2011
Commercialized: Yes, Amar Chand & Co., 56, Industrial Estate, Ambala Cantt-133 006. 

Insect rearing cage (Patent No. 252363)