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IQMH 203 (IIMRQPMH-1705)

Type of corn: Quality Protein Maize (QPM)
Parent: DQL 2209 × DMRQPM 106
Year of release: 2020, (Dated  Nov.9, 2020)
Gazette Notification: S.O. 500(E) MoA&FW dated 29th January 2021
Season: Kharif
Yield: 6.3 
Maturity: Medium (89 days)
Recommended for cultivation in: Central Western Zone comprising states Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh & Gujarat
Reaction to major diseases and insects: IQMH 203 (IIMRQPMH-1705) has shown Resistance to Fusarium stalk rot and moderately resistant to Rajasthan Downy Mildew, Curvularia Leaf Spot and Chilo partellus under artificial epiphytotic conditions at hot spots.
Special features: IQMH 203 (IIMRQPMH-1705) medium maturity single cross hybrid shown significant yield superiority (29.0, 35.7 and 28.0 %) over the relevant best checks in Central Western Zone during three years of testing in AICRP trials of maize. It exhibited high Tryptophan (0.77 %) and Lysine content (3.48 %) in endospermic protein. This hybrid is responsive to high inputs, due to medium duration it can be fit better in maize based cropping system.