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Management of Maize Insect Pests

Title of project: Management of Maize Insect Pests
Project funding: Institute
Duration: 1/1/2008 to 31/12/2013
Total approved cost of the project: NA


  • Identification of source of resistance against stem borers
  • Ecological studies of Chaffer beetle and its management
  • Exploitation of biological control agents for IPM in maize
  • Minimising chemical insecticide input in IPM

Project team:
PI: Pradyumn Kumar
Co-PIs: Sain Dass, R. Sai Kumar, JC Sekhar, SB Suby

Major achievements: –

  • Patent No. 252363: An insect rearing cage, Filed on 31/3/2011, Granted on 29/4/2019 Inventors: Pradyumn Kumar, Suby SB, JC Sekhar, R. Sai Kumar
  • Pink stemborer resistant inbred lines registered with NBPGR- DMRE-7 (INGR 10077), 201DMRE-9 (INGR 11028) and DMRE-57 (INGR 11029)
  • Maize intercropping with cowpea in the ratio of 2:1 reduced Chilo partellus damage and increased net profit
  • 1.25% NSKE has complete oviposition deterrent effect against gravid C. partellus females