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Management of maize stem borers through Host plant resistance

Project Title: Management of maize stem borers through Host plant resistance
Total approved cost of the project: 60.56 lakhs


  • Identification and validation of resistant source(s) of maize for stem borer(s) under artificial conditions
  • To investigate morphological and biochemical basis of resistance to stem borers
  • QTL Mapping of gene(s) conferring resistance to stem borer(s)
  • Development of inbreds resistance to stem borers

Project team:
Dr. (Mrs).P.Lakshmi Soujanya, Scientist, WNC, IIMR
Dr. J.C. Sekhar, Principal Scientist, WNC, IIMR
Dr. Chikkappa Karjagi Scientist, IIMR, New Delhi
Dr. Jawala Jindal, Asst Entomologist, PAU, Ludhiana, Punjab
Dr. Maha Singh, Entomologist, CCS HAU, Karnal, Haryana
Dr. C.V. Ratnavathi, Principal Scientist, ICAR-IIMR, Hyderabad

Major achievements

  • Two genotypes [(E13043/V373)BIO9544]-4-2-1-2 (2.5) and [(E13118/V373)BIO9544]-5-1-2-2-1 (2.5) were found promising against C. partellus.
  • Higher concentrations of cell-wall bound p-CA, ferulic acid and tannin content are the possible biochemical defence mechanisms in maize against S. inferens.