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मक्का में सूखा और जल भराव तनाव सहिष्णुता के लिए आनुवंशिक वृद्धि (NICRA मक्का)

Title of project: Genetic enhancement for drought and water logging stress tolerance in maize (NICRA: Maize)
Funding agency: ICAR
Total approved cost of the project: Rs 27.2 Lakhs


  • To develop and evaluate maize genotypes for drought and water logging stress tolerance
  • To diversify maize germplasm for abiotic stresses tolerance using wild relatives
  • Understanding the molecular basis of multiple abiotic stress tolerance

Project team: PI: Dr. Bhupender Kumar; Co-PIs: Dr. S.B. Singh, Dr. Chikkappa G. Karjagi, Dr. B.S. Jat & Dr. S.L. Jat

Major achievements:

  • Developed, evaluated & identified two hybrids tolerant to drought (DMRH1417, CMH08-292), and three tolerant to water logging (DMRH1419, IMH1527 and CHM-08-292) and one (CMH-08-292) common to both drought as well as water logging stresses (Plate 2).
  • Total 164 new inbred lines have been developed from pedigree crosses by advancing them under managed drought stress at flowering stage during their developmental stage.
  • Total 134 known and 75 novel miRNAs in water logging and 49 known and 76 novels in drought stress were identified as differentially expressed (>10.0 fold; P <0.001) in roots and/or in shoot tissues. Along with this, 11 miRNAs were found common playing role for drought as well as water logging stresses tolerance
Plate 2. Water logging tolerant hybrids validated on large plot size