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ICAR - Indian Institute of Maize Research

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डब्लूएनसी, हैदराबाद

Winter Nursery Centre, ICAR- Indian Institute of Maize Research, Hyderabad

Winter Nursery Centre of ICAR-IIMR is presently located at Agricultural Research Institute Campus, Prof. Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, Hyderabad. It was established at Amberpet, Hyderabad in 1962 to cater the need of north Indian AICRP centers to grow their off-season nursery. Subsequently, the centre was shifted to present location of ARI campus of PJTSAU in 2008 to strengthen the breeding programme of Institute. The nearest railway station is Nampally which is 15.1 km and 21.6 km from Secunderabad. Rajiv Gandhi International airport is just 18-22 km from WNC.

Mandate and Activities
The centre is operating with the following mandate and activities

  • Providing Off Season nursery facilities to North Indian AICRP maize centres during Rabi Season. The centres that avail the winter nursery facilities are ICAR Centers: VPKAS, Almora; IARI Maize Genetic Unit and Maize Pathology AICRP Centers: Bajaura, Kangra, Pantnagar, Ludhiana and Srinagar
  • Regeneration and preliminary characterization of maize accessions from NBPGR
  • Evaluation and Acclimatization of maize introductions from different countries
  • Strengthening of germplasm base of maize AICRP centres
  • Evaluation of maize genotypes to Biotic stresses (Stem Borers and PFSR)
  • Multi location AICRP trial constitution
  • Organizing maize germplasm field days for AICRP centres

At this centre, main activity is to maintain and regenerate institutes maize germplasms and to strengthen the breeding programme by utilizing these germplasms. Maize introductions from different countries and its maintenance are handled at this centre. Preliminary characterization and its regeneration of maize accessions from NBPGR will also do at this centre. Evaluation of different inbreds for various insect pests is also a major activity of this centre. Maize breeding research work of IIMR like generation advancement, evaluation, seed multiplication is being undertaken at this centre. Multi location AICRP trial constitution and dispatch of trials to various centers is also a major activity performing at this centre. During Kharif season, we focused mainly on evaluation of inbreds and experimental hybrids for biotic and abiotic stresses. During Rabi season, it provides Off Season nursery facilities to seven AICRP centers.

Extension activities
In order to strengthen the maize germplsam base at our institute as well as AICRP centres, WNC is organizing biannual maize germplasm field day. Participants from various public sector are allowed select and indent the germplasms of their interest which in turn will be provided by IIMR. The centre is engaged in extending the various maize technologies to farmers through Front Line Demonstrations at farmer’s field, by participation in Kisan Melas, distribution of maize literature, leaflets, pamphlets etc. Training programme for officers/ officials of state agriculture departments and farmers are also conducted time to time on various aspects like scientific maize cultivation, hybrid seed production, value addition in maize, Fall Army Worm management etc.