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मार्कर के माध्यम से एई 1 एलील के विलोपन और ईवीजी के विविधीकरण से प्रतिरोधी स्टार्च समृद्ध मक्का संकरों का विकास

Title of project: Development of maize hybrids enriched with resistant starch through marker assisted introgression of ae1 allele and diversification of high amylose maize germplasm
Funding agency: Science and Engineering Research Board
Total approved cost of the project: 3963859/-


  • To generate starch profile (amylose and amylopectin) of Indian maize germplasm
  • To characterize and search the Indian landraces for mutant ae allele
  • To understand the effect of G x E on amylose accumulation in maize endosperm
  • To diversify the background of high amylose maize genotypes
  • Marker assisted introgression of high amylose allele (ae1) into parental lines of released hybrids

Project team:

  1. Dr. Abhijit Das (PI)
  2. Dharam Paul (Co-PI)