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NEH programme

ICAR-Indian Institute of Maize Research, Ludhiana in collaboration with ICAR-Research Complex for North Eastern Hill Region (ICAR-RC NEH), Barapani implemented a major component of NEH programme. A collaborative programme on “Maize production in NEH region for sustainable livestock production” was also initiated with ICAR-National Research Centre on Pig, Guwahati (Assam), ICAR-National Research Centre on Yak, Dirang (Arunachal Pradesh) and ICAR-National Research Centre on Mithun, Dimapur (Nagaland). Emphasis were laid on the fodder and feed from maize for the livestock sustainability in the NEH region.

Participatory demonstrations were conducted over 515 ha area with 1050 farmer beneficiaries. The front line demonstrations (FLDs) emphasized on quality protein maize production, crop diversification with sweet corn and intercropping along with best scientific management practices. The yield gap varied from 27.7% (at Sikkim) to as high as 303.4% (at Tripura), with an average yield gap of 57.4% in the NEH region. The results indicate substantial possibility for maize production enhancement with available crop production technologies across the North East Indian hills.

Under NEH component, 34 training programmes in collaboration with respective line department officials and ICAR- KVKs were organized. The theme of the training programmes were concentrated on the scientific maize cultivation technologies for increasing profitability and resource use efficiency likely integrated nutrient and water management, liming for  amelioration of soil acidity, adaptation of high yielding varieties (including sweet corn and baby corn cultivation), pest management techniques and post-harvest management under upland condition. Fodder maize cultivation potential was one of the prime aspects for improving livestock production for improving livelihood and nutrition security of marginal and small farmers in North East India.

Two days Training cum input injection programme on Technology for intensification in maize based cropping system at ICAR Imphal