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Maize or corn is the third most important cereal crop after rice and wheat for India. Globally it is highly valued for its multifarious use as food, feed, fodder and raw material for large number of industrial products. Maize with its wide adaptability it can be grown with elevation ranging from sea level to up to 3000 m above mean sea level. It is grown on 188 million ha area in more than 170 countries across the globe with 1423 million MT of production. Worldwide China has maximum area under maize followed by the USA, both together representing 39% of world maize area. Since 2005, India ranks 4th in terms of area with 9.89 million ha land under maize. The USA is the top maize producer followed by China, contributing 36% and 25% of world maize production. However, India remained among the top 10 producers of maize in the World since 1961 and presently ranks 6th with annual output of 31.65 million MT. The productivity of maize in India is about 3.19 t/ha, which is slightly more than the half of world average (5.6 t/ha). However, per day productivity of maize in India is comparable to many o....

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