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Scheduled Tribe Component

Scheduled Tribe Component (STC) funded by ICAR to enhance economic profitability of tribal farmers. The institute implemented STC programme in maize in various tribal belts across the country through approved budget under IIMR and AICRP on maize. The programme focused on the training fro capacity building, input distribution and frontline demonstrations on the best crop management with improved high yielding maize cultivars. The programme was implemented mostly in the tribal dominated aspirational districts in 13 states viz., Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar and West Bengal. Under STC programme 32 districts were covered for capacity development of maize tribal farmers in these states.

During the period, 34 farmers training programme were conducted in different parts of the country benefiting 1565 tribal farmers on various aspects of scientific maize production.  Inputs were also distributed to the farmers during these training programme for following improved maize production practices in order to enhance farm profitability.

Five categories of the input including seed, biofertilizer/biopesiticides/botanicals, chemical fertilizer, plant protection chemical and farm implements were emphasized to address seed-to-seed maize production. Modern farm implements for maize production like like plough, trench hoe, sickle, manual maize sheller, power operated maize sheller, sprayer etc and storage bins for reducing post harvest losses were distributed in the STC programme. Demonstrations on the scientific maize cultivations were conducted under STC programme on over 693 ha acreage.

Scheduled Tribe Component (STC) in 2019-20 (April-September 2019)

ActivityNumber of eventsNumber of Tribal BeneficiariesLocation State (District)
Improved Maize Production Technology15833Uttar Pradesh (Sonbadra), Mharashtra (Nandurbar), Himchal Pradesh (Mandi, Bilaspur), Jharkhand (Ranchi),Rajasthan (Dungarpur, Banswara)
Field Level Demonstrations (acre) 
Frontline demonstrations in maize (acre)713849Rajasthan (Rajsamand, Banswara, Dungarpur), Odisha (Koraput, Rayagada), Madhya Pardesh (Barwani), Jharkhand (Ranchi), Uttar Pradesh (Sonbhadra)
Inputs (seed, fertilizer etc.) given and quantity 
(a)    Numbers or 
Vermicompost bed6060Jharkhand (Ranchi)
(b)   Weight (kg) 
Maize hybrid seed2006439Rajasthan (Rajsmand, Dungarpur, Banswara), Uttar Pradesh (Sonbhadra), Jharkhand (Ranchi)
NPK fertilizer250050Rajasthan (Banswara)
DAP3750267Uttar Pradesh (Sonbhadra)
Urea10750250Rajasthan (Banswara), Uttar Pradesh (Sonbhadra),  Jharkhand (Ranchi)
MOP1250100Jharkhand (Ranchi)
Biofertilizer100100Uttar Pradesh (Sonbhadra)
Atrazine6050Jharkhand (Ranchi)
Phorate5050Jharkhand (Ranchi)