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ICAR - Indian Institute of Maize Research

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Nurturing Diversity, Resilience, Livelihood & Industrial Inputs

Agri-Business Incubation

ICAR-IIMR, Ludhiana has been entrusted with the responsibility from Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) under its National Agriculture Innovation Fund (NAIF) to support Agri– business Incubators in following areas:


  1. Conservation agriculture in maize
  2. Organic maize cultivation technologies
  3. Hybrid maize seed production technologies
  4. Production technologies of field corn
  5. Production technologies of speciality corn (Popcorn, Sweet corn, Baby corn)
  6. Protocols of different values added processed food products( of maize
  7. Rapid test Technology for differentiating quality protein maize (QPM) from normal maize
  8. Insect rearing cage (Patent No. 311890)
  9. Dynamic volatile collection system (Patent Appl. No. 1235/DEL/2015)
  10. Insect Handling Device (Patent No. 252363)

ICAR-IIMR, Ludhiana envisages facilitating incubation of new startups/ entrepreneurs & enterprises for innovative technologies by providing need based physical, technical, business and networking support, facilities and services to test and validate their venture before successful establishment of enterprises.

Agri-Business Services Provided by ICAR-IIMR

TECHNOLOGICAL MENTORING: Scientist working in ICAR-IIMR will provide mentorship to the entrepreneurs in their respective areas of expertise during incubation period at the institute. Mentors will help in ideation, prototype development, product refinement, pilot scale up gradation.

CAPACITY BUILDING AND TRAINING: ICAR-IIMR has well developed laboratories and infrastructure for conducting hands on training on agriculture based technologies. Entrepreneurs can come with their idea and can develop prototype and product on laboratory scale. Further product can be refined based on feedback from concerned stakeholders.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: ICAR-IIMR will help entrepreneurs in protection of intellectual property issues arise during the period of incubation at institute. Mentors will help in filing the patent of process/product developed during incubation.

FUNDING FACILITATION: Entrepreneurs will be helped during preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) of their business plan, pitch preparation and project presentation to attract angel investors. Linkages will be developed among entrepreneurs and government funding agencies.

INCUBATION SERVICES: Following services will be provided to the entrepreneurs at the incubation center-

  1. Technology mentorship
  2. Computer and internet services
  3. Office space/cubical
  4. Laboratory scale production facility
  5. Backward and Forward linkages

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT: ICAR-IIMR will provide technological support to the startups during incubation and after exit of incubate for further upgradation and expansion of business.


  1. Admission of Incubatee
  2. Technological Mentoring Facilities and Services
  3. Product Prototype Development
  4. Test Marketing of Products through IIFSR Facilities
  5. Product Refinement
  6. IP protection & Management
  7. Exit of Incubatee
  8. Startup based on ICAR-IIMR Technologies
  9. Commercial Scale Production

ABI Center in ICAR-IIMR, Ludhiana

Project LeaderDr. H S Jat, Director
Principal Investigator/In-chargeDr. A K Singh, Principal Scientist
MemberDr. S L Jat, Sr, Scientist
MemberDr. Ph. Romen Sharma, Scientist


Dr. A K Singh,
Principal Scientist, ICAR-IIMR, Ludhiana
Email: abi.maize@gmail.com\adityajadon1409@gmail.com
Mobile: 08447292164/ 09877175719