Production Technology

Last Updated: Friday, 19 January 2018

 Non-monetary input management

         Optimization of sowing dates in kharif maize and identified suitable hybrids for late planting

         Optimized planting density in full season quality protein maize hybrids

Weed management

          Developed ecofriendly weed management options of maize + cover crop (Cow pea) intercropping

         Identified Atrazine +Pendimethalin combination for weed management in maize

Conservation agriculture

         The planting of maize in zero-tillage recommend for higher water and nutrient productivity along with enhancement in soils physical, chemical and biological health

         The conservation agriculture based management practices developed for four intensified maize based cropping system.

         The SSNM based nutrient management along with conservation agriculture based tillage and crop establishment recommended for higher protein yield and net energy output in maize-wheat-mungbean system

         The long-term adoption of CA results in enhancement in yield, returns, input use efficiency and soil organic carbon status over conventional tillage practices.

Cropping system

         Maize-potato-mungbean followed by maize-babycorn- mungbean and maize-wheat-mungbean cropping sequence were identified as an alternative profitable cropping system in peri-urban interface

Nutrient management

         NE-SSNM based nutrient management in maize followed by STCR guided nutrient management in wheat recommend for enhancing yield, returns and nutrient use efficiency

         Crop residue incorporation of previous crop with the application of fungal consortia (Aspergillus awamori, Trichderma viride, Phanerochaete clirysosporium, Aspergillus nidulans) in maize-wheat-mungbean cropping sequence recommended

         Neem oil coated urea (NOCU) in 700 ppm concentration recommended for higher yield, retunrs and nitrogen use efficiency in kharif maize

         Application of slow release neem/sulphur coated urea and the residue in the maize wheat/mustard-mungbean cropping systems recommended for enhancing crop health, soil properties and productivity.